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May 10, 2016 7:54 pm Published by

As a client who has had massages frequently over the years from many different therapists, I’d like to think I know the difference from a ‘good’ and maybe ‘not so good’ massage treatment. Therefore, I would like to say that Paul provided one of the best massage experiences I have had.
Firstly, Paul was very good at making me feel at ease prior to the treatment, with his friendly, welcoming manner and relaxed approach. I was made to feel comfortable.
Paul was very good at identifying areas of tension, particularly in my back and shoulders, and seems to have the knack of finding the knots and breaking them down, firmly but without being excruciatingly painful, which again I have experienced in the past!
Overall, I think Paul really has a gift for massage. I found my treatment thoroughly relaxing and invigorating and will certainly be back for more massage in the near future.
Finally, I can only say to others that if you have a massage with Paul, you’re in a very safe, able and confident pair of hands!

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This post was written by Paul Chandler